Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sick, sick, sick

So over the weekend, of course while out-of-town family was in, I started coughing, sneezing and battling an intermittant fever. Well, writing it off to allergies and the dead leaves, I totally ignored all signs and symptoms of actually being sick. Not until Monday as I was literally dragging myself into my 11:45 class was it brought to my attention this was anything but allergies. I had barely walked through the door and said hello to my friends when my professor looked at me, quized me on my symptoms and sent me right back to straight to the Dr.'s office.

Apparently over the weekend her son tested positive for type A (H1N1) and I was a dead ringer when in came to signs and symptoms. After spending 3 horribly long hours in the Dr's office with blood work and cultures to boot that I was diagnosed with "the crud". What!?!?!?! How can I possibly have every symptom clearly related to the flu and only have the crud. I was given a Zpak, 2 cough suppressants and told to rest for the next 72 hours. Cabin fever HAS DEFINITELY SET IT! It's pretty sad when you're excited to get up way before the sun is out to go to clinicals, just knowing you get to leave the house for more than 5 minutes to let the dog out. Wow.

Anyways, I'm feel much much better and am ready for fall break to start (although I've had a break all week haha). This should be a good weekend, the family is coming back in, I only have to work part of the weekend and I have Monday and Tuesday off. Yay!!!!

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